Thursday, October 25, 2007

Annual Fall Dinner

Thanks to Wanda Cornelius--for her decorative additions to our fall dinner. They certainly added a festive touch to the rustic atmosphere at the lodge.

Thanks to Ken Marburger--for truly tasty chicken and pork. His day-long efforts produced a great feast! Thanks to all those who provided those wonderful desserts.

Thanks to Steve Rathje--he's an outstanding speaker and a great candidate. Of course, it was good to see Sarah Mayberry Chapman once again--she's a great asset to the Rathje campaign!

Thanks to all who represented presidential candidates, including Craig and Mary Romney.

Thanks to Leon Mosley and Sen. Hartsuch--both such interesting personalities!

Thanks to Jack Willey, who did a wonderful job as auctioneer--and thanks to all who purchased auction items.

Thanks to Adam Reuter, who proved to be an able master of ceremonies.

Thanks to all who made this event a fun time and a memorable dinner.

Jean, the Political Junkie