Friday, January 30, 2009

Pray and Act

President Obama spoke to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in July 2007, saying he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would permit tax funding of abortions. FOCA would repeal the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion. It would eliminate many laws favoring the birth of children, parental rights, health regulations and our taxes.

According to my dictionary, Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1970, abortion was illegal. Of course, a couple years later the USA court system legalized abortion from false testimony. Read the story of Roe vs Wade. Then following, Partial Birth Abortion became legal! Read about what Partial Birth Abortion involves!

We must pray that President Obama would seek to protect the unborn and build up the USA with healthy newborns and involved parents. He has a beautiful and loving family. We must pray for God’s protection of our president and his family, and for all his staff. Pray that they would seek God’s will for protection of the rights of the unborn.

We must act by notifying our elected officials who will be voting for or against The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Notify our representative and senators by phone calls and letters or meet with them when they are in the area.

Learn more about FOCA by visiting:

Thank You,

Carole Whisman, a tax payer and grandmother

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Regional Response to Local Needs--ECIA

Do you know what ECIA is? That's the East Central Intergovernmental Association. You may not be familiar with that organization because they work mostly behind the scenes. Three representatives from their Dubuque office appeared recently at the weekly Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting. The number of projects this entity is involved in is amazing!

RTA rides? Yes. Economic stimulus package? Yes. Rental assistance? Yes. Downtown revitalization? Yes. Sidewalks, trails, safety issues? Yes. Business loans? Grants? Yes.
Check out their website at .

If you want to know what's going on in county government, attending the weekly supervisor's meetings (Tuesdays at 9 a.m. in the courthouse) or watching them on cable is a great way to start.

Jean, the Political Junkie

Look at the Incentive Plan!

House Republican Leader John Boehner has some MUST-READ information about the proposed incentive plan. One point that should concern many of us: massive funding for contraceptives. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, those "family planning" subsidies are necessary because states can't afford to provide services for those children. In short, don't have babies because the state can't afford to support them. It's a cost-saving measure.

The state can't support them? I always thought the most important question was whether the PARENTS could support them--provide for them financially, educate them well, take care of their medical needs, and raise them to be productive, moral citizens.

Congressman Boehner ably describes Republican concerns with the stimulus plan--go to and look for his Top 20 Fast Facts.

Jean, the Political Junkie

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jackson County GOP Central Committee Meeting

The Jackson County Republican Central Committee will be holding their monthly meeting this Thursday, January 22 at Geno's Pizza, 561 E White St (Hwy 64) in Preston. Come join us at 6pm to eat some pizza, and stick around for the meeting which starts at 7pm.

For more information e-mail us at .