Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jean, the Political Junkie

This Week with George Stephanopoulos will have a special program next Sunday, August 5. This ABC News program normally airs at 8 a.m., but they announced that their Live Debate with nine of our GOP presidential candidates will be at a different time--so check your TV listings.

The debate will air live from Des Moines.

Since the debate is so close to the August 11th Straw Poll, you can expect a lively interchange. Don't miss the debate, and don't miss the straw poll!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Sorry about the long lay off, been very busy on the campaign trail and going to the grand kid's baseball games.

Speaking of baseball, it has come to my attention that the local youth baseball leagues are talking about not keeping score anymore. Well I always have said I wish the local Democrats were more like the ones on tv. Well, apparently some of them are. Needless to say the point of not keeping score is counter-productive for competitive sports. The kids already know we play the game for fun, and the fun is always better if we win but good sports know losing is not the end of the world.

On that same note, can we trust liberals who cannot stand the conflict of a simple baseball game score to have a clear perspective on the conflict with Islamofascists?? Believe me, they keep score and it is a game that we do not want to lose because it is life and death.

John Edwards was in town today and there looked like a nice crowd there when I drove by. I can't help to see the attraction, I got my hair cut today and it was only $11, edwards is paying 400? Too much!!! no matter what party you are in.

- Tim Grover,
The Plain Blunt Guy

'08 Presidential Race

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson made several campaign stop in eastern Iowa this week, one of them being here in Jackson County. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event myself. I would like to thank Mr. Thompson and his campaign for making a stop in our area.

I have just received word that former Virginia Governor and Presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore has pulled out of the Presidential Race. For those of you that remember, Mr. Gilmore attended and spoke at our Jackson County Soup Supper back in April. Recently, his campaign was suspended when it was discovered that he had a partially detached retina while on the campaign trail. He has indicated that he has been approached to either run for Governor of Virginia again (Virginia law states that a candidate cannot serve consecutive terms, but can serve more than once), or to run for the U.S. Senate if Sen. John Warner retires. Whatever path he takes, I wish Mr. Gilmore well in his future endeavors.

-Adam Reuter

Sunday, July 08, 2007

News and Thoughts From Jackson County...

Last Sunday, we did our annual funnel cake stand at Heritage Days in Bellevue. Just as in years past, the stand was a great success. Look for our funnel cake stand again later this month when we offer up our goods to the Ragbrai participants in Bellevue on July 28th.

It appears that Steve King is possibly considering entering the U.S. Senate Race to challenge Tom Harkin. While I believe that Congressman King has every right to try to dethrone Harkin and would make a fine candidate, I really hope that our party can avoid a primary if at all possible. I find it interesting that very few media outlets are giving Steve Rathje any kind of press coverage thus far, or even acknowledging that he has announced his candidacy. I have met Steve and seen him speak several times and believe me, he is a very viable candidate that deserves much more press than he is getting.

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson will be making a campaign stop in Maquoketa this Thursday, July 12th. He will be appearing at Flapjacks Family Restaurant (101 McKinsey, Int. Hwy 61 & 64) at 1:00pm to speak and answer questions. There is no cost to attend. I urge you to attend if you are able, and show our candidates that Iowa does not take it's First in the Nation status for granted!

-Adam Reuter