Saturday, July 14, 2007


Sorry about the long lay off, been very busy on the campaign trail and going to the grand kid's baseball games.

Speaking of baseball, it has come to my attention that the local youth baseball leagues are talking about not keeping score anymore. Well I always have said I wish the local Democrats were more like the ones on tv. Well, apparently some of them are. Needless to say the point of not keeping score is counter-productive for competitive sports. The kids already know we play the game for fun, and the fun is always better if we win but good sports know losing is not the end of the world.

On that same note, can we trust liberals who cannot stand the conflict of a simple baseball game score to have a clear perspective on the conflict with Islamofascists?? Believe me, they keep score and it is a game that we do not want to lose because it is life and death.

John Edwards was in town today and there looked like a nice crowd there when I drove by. I can't help to see the attraction, I got my hair cut today and it was only $11, edwards is paying 400? Too much!!! no matter what party you are in.

- Tim Grover,
The Plain Blunt Guy