Thursday, June 08, 2006

LaMetta Wynn fundraiser a success

On May 25, a fundraiser for Iowa State Senate candidate LaMetta Wynn was held at the Comfort Inn in Maquoketa Iowa. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to see not only LaMetta and several other Republican candidates, but also to meet New York Governor George Pataki. Pataki was a very eloquent speaker who spoke of the similarities between Lametta's and his own own political careers. Like LaMetta, Pataki started his political career as the mayor of Peekskill, NY, a city about the same size as Clinton.

Besides rallying behind LaMetta and her campaign, it was a great chance to meet like-minded conservatives. The event provided a chance to speak face to face with the candidates, and I personally hope we can duplicate that enthusiasm for our other candidates at future fundraisers as well.

-Adam Reuter