Friday, February 15, 2008

From the Desk of RPI Chairman Stewart Iverson

The following is a message from Stewart Iverson:

"Thank you for your comments from last week’s email. I certainly caused a stir when I used the term Big Tent. Many assumed that my thoughts meant we will let anyone in the door and do whatever they wanted regardless of what we, the majority, desired. This is not the case. I invite everyone to come in and have discussions. We cannot get our point across about limited government and fiscal responsibility if we don’t talk to people. So in other words, we can bring people into our Party while maintaining our core principles.

We can work with many people and point out what makes us unique, not by pandering but by having discussions. Each of us can learn by listening to others but sticking to our principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Did you realize that the state legislature led by Governor Culver and the Democrats spent or committed a billion dollars more than the previous budget? The Democrats spent more in two years than the eight years under Governor Vilsack’s leadership. They can get by this year but after the November election, there will have to be a very large tax increase. We must stop this now if we have any desire to improve our future in our great state.

The Democrats want the government to care for us from cradle to the grave. Where is our personal responsibility in all of this? They feel the government is better able to care for us than we are. We must stand up for ourselves. We can care for ourselves.

Are you willing to stand up and fight for our own independence? I am."