Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update from RPI Chairman Stewart Iverson

Dear Friends,
I wanted to update you on some of the key issues in the state:

Marriage Debate
This week, House Republicans called up a vote on the marriage amendment. The bipartisan amendment was drafted due to an August 31, 2007 ruling by Polk County Judge Robert Hanson, which threw out Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act and thereby made Iowa the only state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage.
The measure was defeated, 50 to 46. All Republicans voted to bring up the bill, and it was all Democrats voting against it. Unfortunately, because the Democrats will not bring up the amendment for a vote, the issue of marriage has been ripped from the hands of Iowans, and instead placed in the hands of the courts.
Be sure to contact your GOP House members and let them know you appreciate their support of this measure.

Culver Slipping in Latest Poll
Apparently, Iowans are none too keen on Culver’s performance. The latest SurveyUSA poll shows him with an approval rating below 50 percent. See for yourself by clicking here.

Gambling with our Veterans’ Trust
House Democrats this week voted down an amendment that would have taken $5 million out of Iowa’s general fund – which exceeds $6 billion – for the Veterans Trust Fund. The measure failed on a 51 to 45 vote.
Democrats instead favored the creation of a new lottery game to fund the program.
The bill, House File 2359, establishes a new series of lottery games to fund the Veterans Trust Fund – which assists low-income Iowa veterans, spouses and their dependents with travel for wounded veterans, job training or college tuition assistance, and certain health care services.
With this bill, the Iowa Lottery would offer one $1 scratch game and one $2 dollar scratch game, as well as one 25-cent and one 50-cent pull-tab game, with post-overhead and marketing expenses going to the Veterans Trust Fund.
The amendment, H-8045, would have allocated $5 million of the state’s $6 billion budget for the Veterans Trust Fund.
Our veterans deserve a sound, reliable funding stream rather than pull-tabs.

Watch Chairman Iverson on “The Insiders”
Those of you in the WHO-TV Channel 13 viewing area will have the opportunity to watch Chairman Iverson take on the Iowa Democratic Party Chair this Sunday, March 9, at 9:30 a.m. Be sure to tune in!

Keep Your Party Strong
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