Thursday, April 17, 2008

News From RPI Chairman Stewart Iverson

Finally…a budget!

Well, it eventually had to happen – and it has. The Democrats have finally released their budget, with just a week left to go in the session.

The end result is a 15.6 percent increase over two years. As if that weren’t enough, they actually came in UNDER Gov. Culver’s budget recommendation, so no doubt as the negotiations continue, we will likely see that number rise as the Democrats try to wrap up the session.

Even at this number, it’s still $300 million MORE in spending than Gov. Vilsack and the House GOP approved in the entire eight years of his administration.

Increasing spending by this much in just two years will leave a serious strain on our budget, because this unfortunately is not just a one-time thing. This funding – nearly one billion dollars – will have to be paid in future years as well, before any additional increases in spending in the upcoming sessions.

The result, coming into next year’s session, will likely be more tax increases just to fund what they have already committed.

This summer and fall, please contribute time and resources to our legislative candidates. We must bring back the fiscal stability of a Republican-controlled state Legislature.

What do Republicans believe?

As many of you depart for district conventions on Saturday, it’s important to remember our core beliefs.

Honest, open and responsive government is limited in its scope, nature and power.

The “Right to Work” and Private Property Rights are essential to a free people.

Traditional marriage and the family unit must be protected, preserved and strengthened.

Iowa’s children must be given the opportunity to receive a quality education.

We the People, derive our lives, dignity and innate value from the Creator.

Economic growth is undeniably related to taxation, regulation and government spending.

Legal immigration to Iowa has had historically positive results.