Friday, June 27, 2008

News From GOP House Leader Chris Rants

Gun Laws In Iowa

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense in their homes. This was a huge decision and a major victory to those who believe in protecting the 2nd Amendment and allowing the citizens of this country to keep and bear arms.

On a more local level, the issue of the right to conceal and carry, the castle doctrine (allowing people to protect their home) and others have been brought before the Iowa General Assembly numerous times.

Just this past year, Rep. Clel Baudler from Greenfield sponsored an amendment which would have required sheriffs to issue a concealed weapon permit to a qualified applicant. If a sheriff denied a weapon permit, they had to give the reason for denial in writing. It would have also made other changes to the concealed weapons law including an increase in training.

The Amendment, H-8674 to HF 2700, was ruled not germane and 46 House Democrats decided they did not want this issue to come up.

In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling, I think it’s important to reach out to these 46 Democrats and express disappointment for the way they handled the conceal and carry legislation.

The following are the members who voted against bringing this legislation forward.
Rep. Abdul-Samad
Rep. Bailey
Rep. Bukta
Rep. Cohoon
Rep. Davitt
Rep. Foege
Rep. Ford
Rep. Frevert
Rep. Gaskill
Rep. Heddens
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Huser
Rep. Jacoby
Rep. Jochum
Rep. Kelley
Rep. Kressig
Rep. Kuhn
Rep. Lensing
Rep. Lykam
Rep. Mascher
Rep. McCarthy
Rep. Mertz
Rep. Miller
Rep. Oldson
Rep. D Olson
Rep. R Olson
Rep. T Olson
Rep. Petersen
Rep. Quirk
Rep. Reasoner
Rep. Reichert
Rep. Schueller
Rep. Shomshor
Rep. Smith
Rep. T Taylor
Rep. D Taylor
Rep. Thomas
Rep. Wendt
Rep. Wenthe
Rep. Wessel-Kroeschell
Rep. Whitaker
Rep. Whitead
Rep. Winckler
Rep. Murphy

To contact these members, vist: