Sunday, September 28, 2008

News From Iowa GOP House Leader Chris Rants

Truth Alert!

40 days before election day, House Democrats rolled out more empty political promises—this one regarding Iowa’s economic future. But before Iowans take the bait on this, they need to check the facts.

Forced Unionism
One of the Democrats’ key planks is to reward hard work and play by the rules. What about those people who are working hard, playing by the rules but simply don’t want to join a union? The Democrats voted to force those hardworking folks to pay union dues whether they belong to the union or not.

Iowa’s right to work law prohibits forcing workers, both public and private, to join a union or to fork over union dues or fees as a condition of employment. Having our right to work law in place helps create real jobs and grow the economy. From 2001 to 2006, real personal income growth, as reported by the US Commerce Department, averaged 9.04% in right to work states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska). In states not having a right to work law (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri) it averaged 6.61%. Also, private sector job growth over the past five years was higher in Iowa than it was in non right to work states, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri.

Pork Barrel Spending
How does pork barrel spending secure Iowa’s economic future? Speaker Murphy and Leader McCarthy even snuck some personal pork projects into the budget this year. They might want to explain to the taxpayers why they had them pay for decorative flower pots for the city of Des Moines, full time gardeners at the governor’s mansion and a brand new recreation center on the south side of Des Moines.

Higher Taxes
The Democrats’ record over the last two years on taxes is frightening. Not only did they give Microsoft big tax breaks, but they refused to give the same tax breaks to smaller Iowa-based businesses. Everyone is excited that Microsoft is locating in Iowa, but we need to be fair and offer the same tax breaks to everybody else. Additionally, Democrats had the opportunity to extend the tax break that individuals received on their federal stimulus checks to businesses. They said no.

Identity Theft
It’s hypocritical to claim Democrats will be tough on individuals who engage in identity theft when they voted against having the government inform Iowans when it is learned that someone else is using their social security number.

While being in control the last two years, Democrats have done nothing to lessen the economic burdens Iowa seniors face. In fact, their record proves they’ve been okay with taking more money out of seniors pension checks.

The House Republicans have not rolled out a plan of empty promises and hollow details. We stand firm on our record of protecting hardworking Iowans. If Iowans place Republicans back in the Majority they can know they can count on us to protect Iowa's Right to Work against EVERY attempt to force non-union workers to pay union dues.

Iowans know we’ll end the pork-barrel spending like decorative flower pots in Des Moines. They understand that not only will we NOT raise any property taxes, we’ll put a freeze on them. And they appreciate that we'll force tough identity theft protections onto the governor's desk and stop the irresponsible, government knows best attitude that has led to a billion dollar spending increase and tax increases.