Monday, October 27, 2008


If you have ever seen the movie The Bridge On The River Kwai, at the end the British officer looks at all of the devastation war has wrought and says: MADNESS!!!

Well I had my MADNESS MOMENT today. For two weeks around the lunch room at work I have listened to a younger worker rant and rave about the corruption of the bailout. I had a great time thinking this young man may have the makings of an up and coming conservative.

So here comes lunch today, and the young man announces he has voted absentee for Barack Obama, I point out Obama voted for the bailout, the young guy says, I know but he hasn't been there as long as McCain. So hoping this young firebrand knows his stuff I ask him how did you vote for the down ballot offices, I never followed those races!! He said, "I voted straight Democrat!"

I pointed out the Senator he voted for voted for the bailout, and co-sponsored the rules that set up this economic problem, and that the Congressman he voted for voted for the bailout. I also pointed out their opponents already stated publicly and unabashedly they were against the bailout. Well he said it was easier to vote the straight ticket, the ballot was so long and by voting straight ticket I got out of there quicker.


-Tim Grover,
The Plain Blunt Guy