Thursday, December 14, 2006

1st District Meeting in Dubuque

Two weeks ago, we had a meeting with 1st Congressional District Central Committee members in Dubuque. This meeting served many purposes. First of all, it gave us all a chance to gather and meet new people and see familiar faces once again. Second, it gave everyone a chance to let off steam, of which there was a lot. Third, it gave us a chance to share ideas on what we can do to improve our efforts from now until the next election cycle.

A few random thoughts about the event:

-Ted Sporer, a State Central Committee member from the 3rd District, was an excellent speaker. I had not gotten a chance to meet him before, I thought he came across as being very sharp.

-We need to find a way to work cooperatively at EVERY level -- local, state, and national.

-There are a lot of angry, yet motivated Republicans in eastern Iowa with some really good ideas. Hopefully they start to speak louder to answer our never shy opposition.

-It was great to hear Mike Whalen and Leon Mosley speak again. Hearing either of these guys speak is worth the time to attend an event they are appearing at, being able to see both of them at one event was an added bonus!

-Everyone seemed to hate the negative political ads, myself included. I do not consider holding someone to their record to be negative, but personal attacks are, and there were plenty of them made during this past election.

-All the other speakers did a great job as well. I think we have some highly motivated Conservatives amongst us, we just need to work on spreading the word on our great Conservative ideals. We must remind our candidates that we expect them to act like Republicans, which is why we elected them in the first place!

-Adam Reuter