Sunday, January 14, 2007

the plain blunt blog

This is my first attempt at blogging, the name of my blog is the plain blunt blog since i think that describes me best. I think a person can be plain and blunt and not offend anyone. It has to be done right though, if you think i am doing it wrong, please let me know. I would like to cover things involving local news and state politics, and try to show how it is affected by national issues. Well, this week:

-Kind of dissapointing the turn out for the local sales tax extension, around 1,000 people voted to extend the tax, thus i guess most of the county did not care. I voted no even though i knew I would lose, now we can have a new gym up here and it will only cost about 5 months of what it takes to operate the school, yes i know they are borrowing the money.

- TIF: Interesting, I listened to Kim Huckstadt ask the city council not to TIF the Wal-Mart project, and many local educators supported him. I am curious, how many voted for Dave Kendall, do they vote for the issues, or the party despite the issues?

I will have a weekly update on who gets social security, and medicare and who do not:
receiving Mick Jagger, not receiving is Elvis, he would have been 72 this week.

tim grover, the plain blunt blogger