Saturday, January 20, 2007

This week for the plain blunt guy

Well, lets see what happened this week:
I see at the gun show this weekend that there is a federally licensed gun buyer going who is to be on hand. Although i do confess i dont know what that entails, the words federally licensed gun buyer has a bad ring to it, and I can't see what good could come from it, I guess the government has the wisdom to decide who gets to exercise their constitutional rights although you will have a hard time convincing me of that.

It was announced late Friday that our new County Attourney has filed dismissal papers on four cases that are currently in district court. Two of them are for violent incidents, the other two are for marijuana possession. I don't understand this, did they legalize marijuana in this state? What kind of evidence could have come in that would create a dismissal? Isn't that the judge's job? I don't think it is fair to the arresting officers to not back them up on this. I am sure the last thing they have to do is arrest someone wrongfully, and since those cases were filed by the last County Attourney, everthing involved in these cases could not possibly have been in the notes, very disappointing.

This week's new Medicare qualifier is Muhammad Ali, yes indeed he is eligible for full Medicare benefits. Happy birthday, Muhammad.

-Tim Grover, the plain blunt blogger