Sunday, April 22, 2007


It looks like the Maquoketa city budget keeps getting worse, with no deal in sight for the arc. With the YMCA, the maintenance payments to keep the crew working on the arc seems to be coming out of the city reserves. I wonder, can a city go bankrupt? I will still say that mayor Messerli is not to blame for this, he warned them not to do this and they went ahead anyway.

One reason I am supporting Duncan Hunter for president is he brought me to realize that NAFTA was a bad deal. As conservatives we are for limited government, but limited government can take on different meanings. Certainly it can be argued that government is too large of a percentage of our nation's wealth. A nation that was built on the arsenal of freedom, building and maintaining the United States military, also with the ability to feed ourselves through farming. Since NAFTA, all of that has changed. We now have to get many of our components from China to build our equipment we use to defend ourselves, and we are importing more and more of our food every year, from South America and Canada. in other words, the private sector of our economy has been shrinking, to where it is being dominated by government, and we spend more time every year trying to pay for government. To put it bluntly, we have reached the limit of our ability to pay for all of this and the only way to increase the incomes necessary to support our current government services is bring back the industrial and agricultural base. I think if we do this we will see a great change in Maquoketa's city budget.

Tim Grover, the plain blunt guy