Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well what can i say had quite an experience this week with duncan hunter, he is deffinently a plain blunt guy, after dinner and a long visit with him i am sure he is a genuine candidate for our parties nomination, he points out and quite accurately that he was against nafta to begin with and it has been a terrible drag on the middle class, and has led to an increasing vulnerabilty for our country as far as defense goes. To look at his issues check out You say what does national defense, and bringing back american jobs have  to do with Maquoketa? I think our local economy has not been the same since they closed down caterpillar there were alot of people who worked there from this town and they moved on when the plant moved, and the jobs that replaced it did not fill the need of allowing a family to purchase a home. I think duncan is going to rereaganize this party and i am proud to support him. P.S. the rule of you see my guy i will see yours still applies and i am looking forward to the 20th. Thanks to everyone who attended, and duncan will be back if you missed his visit and i am sure that when you meet him that you will find that like his national co chair chuck yeager he has the right stuff.
tim grover the plain blunt guy