Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jean, the Political Junkie

IOWA STRAW POLL attendees came back from this event hot, tired, and EXCITED. There's nothing like a political event of this size to motivate volunteers.

We visited several tents and vendors during the Straw Poll and happy, excited people seemed to be everywhere. Every Republican should attend this event at least once.

Here are some interesting facts assembled by the Romney campaign:

- One In Three Caucus-Goers Attends The Ames Republican Straw
Poll In Person.

- No Candidate Has Ever Skipped The Straw Poll And Gone On To
Win The Iowa Caucus.

- The Caucus Winner Has Always Finished Either First Or Second In
The Straw Poll.

- Romney’s Total Number Of Votes: 4,516

- Romney’s Percentage Of Vote: 31.5%

- Margin Of Victory: 13.4%

- Comparison To 1999 Results: 31.3% Bush Victory
(10.5% Margin Of Victory)

- Comparison To 1995 Results: 24.36% Dole And
Gramm Tied Victory

- Number Of Romney Volunteers: More Than 250

- Number Of BBQ Sandwiches: 9,000

- Number Of Water Bottles Handed Out: More Than 11,000

- Number Of Mini-Mitt Fans: More Than 3,000

- Number Of Mitt Foam Hands: More Than 3,000

- Number Of Golf Carts Deployed: 62

- Longest Bus Travel: 5 Hour Trip From Rock Rapids, Iowa

- Number Of Romney Family Members: 96

- Jean Davidsaver