Friday, August 31, 2007

A Little From the Plain Blunt Guy

Just noticed on our website that I haven't posted since july 14th, wow!!! Well where do i begin... since July 14th I enjoyed the Jackson County Fair and I think it was another successful fair. The new fair manager Lanny Simpson is doing an excellent job. Loved Sawyer Browne, the charge for the grandstand was very nominal and made for more comfort, great concert, and a good stunt show on Sunday night.

Then it was off to the GOP debate in Des Moines. I stayed with a friend of our state chairman for the Hunter campaign in Ames and they were awesome, and very good hosts. The Sunday of the debate called for waking up around 4:30, and it was off to Des Moines where we met Roy Tyler at his hotel and we went to the debate site at Drake University. We got there in a heavy rain and everyone made it into the hall and we all patiently waited for George Stephanopoulos to come out. I am sure glad David Yepsen participated his questions (all two of them, both negative) were well worth going through a rain storm. When the debate ended we went down to the stage and met Duncan and then it was off to the spin room. What a great experience, got to meet Steve Forbes, a personal hero of mine (yes, I was a Forbes man) and Bay Buchannan, also there was Bill Salier, Bill Dix, and we had a good talk with Mike Huckabee. Next followed lunch at the Drake an old diner in the 50's mode, and more campaigning the rest of the weekend.

Then the next weekend it was time for the straw poll. I went out with Ron Elmegreen and all I can say is he is one heck of a man. He worked all day over a hot grill, 'til he was sweating real salt - he has my respect. We had Elvis in our booth, one of the best ones I have ever seen, and Duncan came along and we went out to where the buses were coming in and worked the crowd, giving out literature, with Duncan shaking hands. Then it was time for Duncan's speech, we got in line to go down in front of the stage, trying not to say anything to the people, oops I mean Ron Paul supporters. Duncan gave a great speech, and brought the crowd to it's feet with his dedication to our country and our troops. I would also like to add while talking about a heck of man Duncan ran around this day and the day before at the State Fair in a suit and tie!!! What a guy!! Well thats what I did with my summer vacation.

On a local note, I see the city may have to keep the outdoor pool open now since it is going to be prohibitive for most working families in town to afford the Arc, add to it that life guards will have to pay $35 to get sanctioned when Jackie Crowley taught the life guard class for free. The Arc is turning into a debacle, not to mention the new pool reminds me of the same spa the Romans in Ben-Hur used

-Tim Grover, The Plain Blunt Guy