Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I wish I could be in Des Moines tomorrow evening, where there will be a public forum on Iowa's Right to Work law. Legislative Democrats plan to pass a law that would force workers to pay fees or union dues if they work in a business represented by a union. Presently, Iowans have a choice whether to join a union or not.

Forcing non-union workers to pay fees or union dues takes away their choice to join or not join a union. Would they want to be paying dues that could be used to support strikes? Probably not.

Is this bill in the best interests of our state? We need to make changes that are more supportive of business, not less supportive. According to business relocation experts, at least half of businesses looking to relocate or expand will not consider non-Right to Work states.

Iowa is one of 22 Right to Work states. You can read all sorts of statistics that show workers are better off in those states. Those are good statistics to support the case to retain Iowa's Right to Work status. For me, the real issue is personal choice. Less and less choices are available to us, and the Democrats are trying to take away one more individual choice.

Jean, the Political Junkie