Sunday, February 18, 2007

This week from the Plain Blunt Guy...

I looked into this Fair Share bill in the legislature and I can't buy into the theory the unions are using, in that it is not fair to allow non-union members to receive the same benefits that paying members get. There are many things people benefit from the activities of a group without contributing; one thing is church, you are just as much of a member of a church, whether you contribute or not. Another is political parties; thousands of people benefit from the political parties activities that never contribute one penny to the cause. Trade associations are another, AARP is another. Lets face it. if this passes it will amount to paying a fee for employment. Let's call this what it really is -- THE MANDATORY UNION MEMBERSHIP ACT.

Another embarrassment for local government : How did the company from Cedar Rapids end up with the contract they did in doing the reassessment of commercial property in the county? $180,000 for a job we already have an Assessors office to perform, and since it was Valentine's week it looks like their sweetheart showed up. An hourly wage to sit down and discuss how they came to these findings? They said they look at all property from a buyers standpoint, well $250,000 for the EU tech building? If they think it is worth that much, maybe they should buy it!!

I saw John McCain in Davenport last night, he had a large crowd there. I know some people don't trust him, but one thing is undeniable: he is a real American Hero. What he went through in the Hanoi Hilton, is inspirational, and a tribute to American resolve. One thing that touched me is he said they were allowed a radio, and when there wasn't any music on it there was antiwar statements that they had picked up from the American Media. He said it was hard being a prisoner there and listening to what the people back home were saying, it made us feel America had abandoned us, and that he still remembers all the names of the celebrities who spoke out. I believe that it is incumbent upon us to see that this does not happen to another generation of American servicemen and women. Let's support the war and bring them home victorious.

Timothy L. Grover, the plain blunt guy