Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jean, the Political Junkie

After the November election everyone anticipated that the minimum wage would increase. What we didn't anticipate is that the Iowa Legislature would create a more aggressive schedule of minimum wage increases than the Federal government is proposing.

Is the small businessman concerned? Two business people that I know have said they will no longer hire high school students--they want more mature workers if they have to pay $7.25 per hour in less than a year. Those same small businessmen are also concerned about their property taxes. How much relief will they really get from the blue-ribbon panel assembled by Governor Culver?

I was concerned that our Iowa Democratic legislators refused to consider any help for the small businesses that will bear the brunt of the minimum wage increase. We now have to rely on the U. S. Senate and the House of Representatives to negotiate a reasonable compromise.

Looking for a good read? Mary Lundby's STATEHOUSE STRAIGHT TALK is a great way to keep up with issues at the Statehouse.

-Jean Davidsaver