Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Jackson County Supervisors Meeting Report

Supervisor Jack Willey ably explained that even though Jackson County is ranked 97th out of 99 counties for average income, that's not the total picture. No Jackson County residents who work in Dubuque, Scott, Clinton or other counties are included in that average. The average is figured only on Jackson County business wages. It's all in the way those average wages are calculated that make our county's wages sound so dreary.

I watched last week's Jackson County Supervisors meeting on cable today, and discussion focused on mental health services. With a 6-1/2% reduction in state spending, unmandated mental health services may have to be trimmed or eliminated.

Good news is that Jackson County should benefit from both the Federal and State stimulus packages. With an emphasis on "shovel ready" projects, that may help our budget for county roads.

Follow the supervisor meetings if you're able--you'll find the time most rewarding!

Jean, the Political Junkie