Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sounds Good, But. . .

During last weekend's legislative forum in Maquoketa, Rep. Tom Schueller said he is in favor of prevailing wage legislation. Everyone would like to have wages that can support a family, but what dollar amount is that? And who would decide that dollar amount?

During the forum it was pointed out that Iowa is one of only eight states that do not have prevailing wage legislation. One of the attendees also noted that farmers and small businesses may not be able to pay a prevailing wage. Will there be exemptions?

Is this issue like last year's Fair Share Bill? Democrat legislators enthusiastically passed it, but the bill was vetoed by Governor Culver. The Fair Share Bill would have endangered Iowa's Right to Work status, but you would have not known that if you listened only to the bill's supporters.

Since Jackson County's average wage scale is the second lowest in the state, economic development is a hot topic. Will prevailing wage legislation increase our wage scale? There should be lots more discussion before we decide.

Jean, the Political Junkie