Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jackson County Supervisors Meeting Report

During last week's county supervisors meeting, once again, a subject of concern was the mental health services budget. After roads, it's the second largest budget item. Supervisor Jack Willey explained that Federal and State governmental actions have been catastrophic for the county's mental health budget. He further noted that up to $700,000 in funding may be lost to the county because of a small balance left in the account at the end of the fiscal year.

What to do about the shortfall? The property tax levy for mental health is maxed out, so funding through the county cannot be increased, and funds cannot be transferred from another account.

Will services need to be cut? Or will Jackson County resort to waiting lists, just as other counties have already done?

Supervisor Willey noted that this situation is not understood by the general public, but it may soon affect many of us. Let's trust our supervisors to give us more information about this important subject. Perhaps they will schedule a public forum. . .a question & answer session with knowledgeable people about the subject.

Jean, the Political Junkie