Friday, March 13, 2009

Preschool Education--Public or Private

Now that government officials are touting preschool education as an economic stimulus, the debate concerning private or government-controlled preschools is heating up once again.

Why would we want government-imposed standards for preschools when private business has been doing an outstanding job? I've been told about studies showing preschool-educated children have an advantage in the classroom that disappears by the fourth grade. Is preschool so necessary that everyone should be taxed to pay for it? Shouldn't the parents have a choice? Parents could choose a private preschool, or they could choose to keep a four-year-old at home with Mom or Dad.

Good Morning America aired a segment this morning with John Stossel interviewing the owner of private preschools. She noted it's laughable for the government to impose standards on preschools when primary and secondary school children are ranked so far behind the children of other countries.

Doesn't it seem incongruous that we are laying off teachers and teachers' aides all around the country, while the government wants to take over preschool education?

Jean, the Political Junkie