Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jean, the Political Junkie

The fight's not over on the so-called "Fair Share" bill. After passage by the Senate, state representatives were scheduled to debate the bill on Thursday, but discovered they did NOT have the votes to pass the bill. Therefore, they went into caucus, seeking to force a few of their Democratic representatives to change their minds and vote in favor of the bill. Two Democrats (Rep. Dolores Mertz and Rep. Dawn Pettengill) left the causus rather than bow to pressure from their leaders.

It's important to speak up now that there's still a chance to defeat the bill. Email or write to your representative to weigh in on this bill. Rep. Schueller reportedly plans to vote for the "Fair Share" bill, so it's important for him to know his constituents are against it! Do you know any non-union teachers, state, county, or municipal workers? Ask them to send an urgent message as well.

Jean Davidsaver