Saturday, March 24, 2007


Just got back from Jones county and an appearance by Tom Tancredo, boy what a great experience. Being the plain blunt guy, I would say Congressman Tancredo qualifies to join the plain blunt club. He spoke well of service to country and of being in office to do something instead of being something. I can't help but believe this is the kind of attitude we are looking for in this country, with the illegal alien problem that Congressman Tancredo is talking about; it is leading to many problems that we are facing in this country today. Let's be clear -- we are talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, many of these people are causing crime, and over burdening our health care system. It is not fair to the people who immigrated legally. My wife is a second generation American, her father's family came here from Holland through the usual way of immigrating and they did just fine. Also, an endorsement from Bill Salier did not hurt at all. As Bill said lets start looking at candidates who live like Reagan did not talk like Reagan did and not do anything about it.

I know in the past I have said I will talk about national issues and how they effect us locally. Well this is exactly the issue I was talking about. The drug dealers and workers coming across the border are showing up here in Iowa, and causing a drain on all of our services, either through social services, health care or housing, and it is the one issue that is touching every part of our society.

How you say? Well, let's look at my father in law, who is now deceased. Imagine coming from Holland, growing up in Iowa, serving in World War II, coming back and getting married, and working for someone for two years to save up enough money to buy and work your own farm the rest of your life. The American dream right? Well how many stories can we point to today like that? I understand the renewal of the farming industry, with young farmers is obviously a problem, and what has lead to that? First of all working two years to save up for the price of a farm is unheard of today. The increased valuation caused by the government saying your land is worth more is almost enough to keep you out and why do they need to say your farm is worth so much? TAXES !!! Why are the taxes up? Because maybe the increased demand on social, health and law enforcement services caused by people who are here that their own home country will not even take back when they get in trouble, are stretching our resources.

Be sure to vote for the fire station improvements on Tuesday this week. Yes, I know it is a tax increase, but we would not have to do this if they did not build the new cement pond which I understand is being paid for out of city reserves at this time. What a mess. I know one thing, it is not the Fire Department's fault.

Timothy L Grover, the plain blunt guy