Saturday, March 17, 2007


Nice to see the weather changing finally, it was really quite a shock to have the time spring forward so soon. Usually you have a couple of weeks to gradually get used to the sunrising and setting at different times. Sure is a different feeling.

Well the demos raised the cigarette tax, and all of the demos I know who smoke forgave them for it, can you imagine that? talk about totally indoctrinated in the program I am beginning to think that the Democrat supporters are totally brainwashed, what could be a bigger stab in the back than to run around saying I am for the poor man and then raising the taxes on one of the things that the poor man uses to relax? Don't get me wrong, I am not a smoker but the general population doesn't realize this is really a freedom issue. I personally know that one local anti-smoking activist is now going to push to ban smoking in the general public, i.e. streets, and parks. Before you know it they will even arrest you for smoking on your own property. Total totalitarianism, well I told him that can work both ways. I told him I will start a petition to ban all activists from coming into your business and soliciting you to change work place policy. I may even make it illegal to distribute literature on the street about your special issue no matter what it is, especially to people who smoke, on top of that maybe we could ban protesting the war on public property, wow just think of the possibilities, my activist friend didn't think I was very funny. He said smoking offends him, I said activist protests against the war, and soliciting business to change policy when they should be working on other things offends me. He didn't know what to say.

The solution to the smoking problem is very simple, it is supposed to be a public health issue, well the best way to eliminate a public health issue is we all pay our own health bills and then we don't have to burden our fellow man with our troubles. See, it all comes back to the social security, and Medicare issue again. When they created these programs they didn't have disability, and public health issues were viruses, colds ,flu other communicable diseases. These problems could wipe out a society that is what a public health issue is -- self inflicted problems from smoking or overeating are not public health problems, they have become one because of our socialized medicine system. If the liberals are worried about public health maybe they should be more concerned about terrorism, suit case nuclear bombs, or chemical weapon attacks are pretty hard on the public health also.

Timothy L Grover, the plain blunt guy