Saturday, March 10, 2007


Here we go again... The fair share bill passes on a compromise, they exempted private industry. What could our party out in Des Moines be thinking? What kind of bargaining position are the state, counties, or municipalities going to have if they come to a stalemate and all of their employees walk? There isn't even the possibility of having any employees who will not be obligated through union membership to stay and do their job. They will all be union employees now and can strike in mass. Don't tell me about safety -- employees can't strike, all the unions do is unionize an exempt job and then they go out on strike, in support of their public safety brothers. Ever hear of a garbage strike in New York City? This is not how a party interested in smaller government should behave. Remember the operative word here is compromise!

What a shock, to my understanding of this the Maquoketa Schools Budget is at least three times larger, than the City of Maquoketa's budget. How do we get any service from the city with such a limited amount of funds? Or what is it that the school does that demands so much more money? I don't know if it seems city government is ineffective anymore, and unable to balance its budget it is obvious that that the city has champaign tastes on a beer budget. This also is a tribute to our Fire Department imagine how strapped the budget would be if the department was not volunteer, and every fireman was about to be unionized thanks to our brave state legislature? To me the whole comparison comes down to how many employees does it take to educate our children which can conservatively be 50% of the general public, or how many employees does it take to plow our streets, mow the grass on our public properties, and enforce our laws, and protect our properties. Now I know why I prefer to be on the highway during a snow storm instead of driving around in town the road conditions are usually better, and it is not the cities fault, they are doing the best they can with what they have.

Well I haven't done this for a few weeks, but I have a congratulations to give to Michael Eisner former CEO of Walt Disney Inc, yep Micheal turned 65 this week way to go Mikey hope you enjoy the full social security, and Medicare benefits you have fully qualified for at this time. Never mind that Mike enjoyed a retirement benefit of over $100 million dollars which I do not begrudge him one bit, he earned it, on top of his earnings from the years he held his position. But what does it say about a system that is providing the same benefits to a person who can buy his own hospital with staff, and somebody who worked their whole life and is living on $800 a month. Mike is pretty smart he got out because he realized there is an entire generation coming along that will have trouble providing food, and shelter for their families, much less buy movies about cute little bears. oh pooh!!

Tim Grover, the plain blunt guy