Saturday, March 31, 2007


Good to see the fire station bond pass, i think some times liberals
think conservatives are antigovernment, that is not true we are for
government that does what government is suppose to do and i think fire
prevention falls under protecting our properties which is why i
support the fire department and the efforts made by the volunteers to
make this victory happen. i have seen signs all over town saying thank
you, well i think the election tuesday was the publics way of saying
thank you to the fire department, so thank you fire department you
should not have been put through what you were put through to get this
improvement to your facilities.the bond referendum should have been
for the arc, not you the arc is an extravagance that we conservatives
believe government does not need to be involved in, and it is too bad
people feel it is necessary to impose their will for something that
does not have the support of the community that the fire department

By the way is paying for construction payments for the arc through the
city reserves a proper way to conduct city business? I dont think its
illegal is it? Definetly unethical.

Saw Tommy Thompson in Davenport today he drew a good crowd lots of
friendly faces a nice guy , but i think it is a little past his time
for President he said he had been up for 23hours straight, and he did
seem pretty tired, but i dont think i would have done as well on such
short sleep and i am at least 25 years younger thank him so he is ok
with the plain blunt guy.

While i am at it i am enjoying the experience of the nominating
process and having these contenders coming to Iowa, it is a special
thing and the leaders of both parties have an obligation to keep Iowas
first in the nation status, it brings a common man approach to how we
pick our president.
timothy l grover the plain blunt guy